BPL BPL is the name of a sim that BananaPieLord created in "The Sims 3."

He is extremely evil, and has killed 7 sims in total, excluding himself. He once attempted to kill over 15 sims at once by throwing a party, although when he saw that they were not dying quickly enough, he built a door and attempted to burn everyone, only succeeding to set himself on fire before he could get rid of the door, resulting in his death and the escape of his captives.

He loved his wife and son very much, although his evilness took over, and he killed his wife, resulting in his son being taken by a social worker.

He expressed the most love for his cat, and actually cried when he got taken away by a social worker due to not being able to reach his food bowl.

Later, it was found that he had faked his death, and he has now started his new life in downtown Bridgeport in The Sims 2 after adopting a new cat and momentarily reuniting with his lost son.

A few days after this, he started dating Dina Caliente, enraging her 2 previous lovers, and eventually sold his new cat to her.



The Sims 3



                                                                    Name: BPL BPL

                                                                    Gender: Male

                                                                    Age: 32 (Deceased)


                                                                    Gold Digger (Formerly)


                                                                    Friends: Jane March, Texty BPL.

                                                                    Enemies: Premade sims, Social Worker.  

BPL BPL Sims 2

The Sims 2




                                                                    Name: BPL BPL ("Phat Jeebus")

                                                                    Gender: Male

                                                                    Age: 34




                                                                    Friends: Texty BPL, Blunt Sore, Dina Caliente

                                                                    Enemies: Mortimer Goth, Don Lothario