Fat Jesus is the supposed grandnephew to BPL BPL, and the son of Texty Jesus. He was a normal human in episodes 14-25, but in sometime between episode 25 and the reboot of the series, he has became a werewolf, and adopted the grandson of BPL BPL's cat.

He had a crush on his maid, and began to flirt with her when he turned 18. He has a large hatred for his mother, and killed her when he was 18.





                                                                  Name: Fat Jesus

                                                                  Gender: Male

                                                                  Age: 8, 19, 25


                                                                  Gold Digger (The Sims 3: Season 2) (Fulfilled)

                                                                  Leader Of The Pack (The Sims 3: Season 3)


                                                                  Friends: Anne T. Septik

                                                                  Enemies: Texty Jesus, Everyone except for Anne T. Septik