Mr. Falofakus is the main character of Let's Play Minecraft. He is a miner, and lives in the BananaFort. He was teleported to the world of Minecraft by two evil sages who thought he stole their green tea.

When he entered the world of Minecraft, he met The Adventurous Cow and then proceeded to adventure.

After cutting down a few trees, making a pickax, harvesting coal, and making torches, he found a large cave in the side of the mountain, later nicknamed Banana Mountain. He made a furnace and a chest, and then used cobblestone to partially block off the entrance of the cave. After looking around the cave for a couple minutes, he found a large hole near the edge.

When the night was over, he went out and killed some sheep in order to get wool. He then used the wool to make a painting, and some wood to make a sign.  He wrote "Bananafort <3" on the sign, thus creating the BananaFort. He found a rose and placed it next to the sign.

Over time, he expanded BananaLand to an amazing distance, ultimately making the BananaFort, the Banana Tower, the Banana Statue, the BananaCave, and Banana Island.


Mr Kalopakus



                                                                        Name: Paul Falofakus

                                                                        Gender: Male

                                                                        Age: 26


                                                                        Friends: The Adventurous Cow

                                                                        Enemies: Evil sages, Mr. Skeletor, Creepers, Monsters