Thanks For Watching My Video is a song that was played in The Sims 3 at the end of episodes 14 and onwards.


Dylan (Speaking): My name is... BananaPieLord

Dylan (Singing): Thanks for watching my video, you should check out my FaceBook and my Twitter! It'd really mean alot! (You see) The links for both are in the description, right below the video you're watching! And I would love you forever!

Dylan (Speaking): Uhh... I think that's... that's all I wrote for this. Umm... yeah, so if, if you want, you know you can... can... the links are in the description, you could... check it out, and you know, we could talk about stuff. You know, like, I dunno, I don't know stuff you like to talk about, though. I... I talk alot, you know... this one time I ate three twinkies, and I said you only live once... and everybody was like, "That's hilarious!" so, if you wanna get in on this action, you know... that's in the... it's in the description, so, feel free to... you just... click that button, I already messed up on a chord in this song, so you know... I think I messed up again, but you know... anyways, guys, you should check it out. Yea yea, yeah. In the description. Yeah.