The Sims 3 was a short series created by BananaPieLord. 
BPL The Sims 3 Icon

The Sims 3 Logo.

It contained 25 episodes before it's cancellation, although the series was rebooted after BPL BPL died in episode 13, and has recently been brought back with episode 26.

Thanks For Watching My Video was played after episodes 14 and later.

The TheoryEdit

This is the only way that BPL BPL and Fat Jesus could possibly be related. Only a few days after Jane March died, her sister gave birth to a girl, who she named Texty Jesus. 31 years later, Texty, along with an unknown father, gave birth to Fat Jesus just months before Jane's sister and Texty's husband both miraculously died at the same time. In this way, Fat Jesus would be the grandnephew-in-law of BPL BPL.